Friday, January 17, 2014

Triple O's @ Orchard Towers: McKiller (Closed)

Lets talk burgers.  Many of us, myself included, probably identify this food with the image of a McSpicy, BigMac or even the Whopper . No doubt, these are yummy-licious in their own way, but there's just something rather unromantic and unrefined about eating these "fresh" off-the-production-line, chemical filled and re-heated upon order burgers.  Sure, there are many restaurants out there that serve different burgers, but nothing in singapore quite captured the essence of an actual, unique burger joint for me.  That is until we tried Triple Os, and for anyone who wants to skip the details, let me just sum it up for you right now: IT'S REALLY GOOD.

Trust me, the signboard is telling the truth.
I quite like the layout at Triple Os, its simple, comfortable and cosy
Take a look:
A small, comfortable place to dine.
The place is also decorated with interesting trivia about the shop, including their history and Burger descriptions.  It certainly helps you to appreciate the delicious burger in your hands more. 

I'm trying the giant triple cheese burger next. what about you guys?

Generally, the place is designed like a western styled Diner and feels authentic in that sense. Even the music they play is uniquely Diner like.  Rather than playing whatever pop music is now in trend, the shop played soothing country music which really added to the dining experience.  You're freed from all the loud beats and pleasantly distracting rhythm of modern music and treated to a mix of calming tunes while you enjoy your burger.

Food and Value:
I ordered the Buffalo chicken club ($9.90), added an order of sweet potato fries($2.90) and washed them down with a cup of chocolate milkshake ($7.50)

Looks neat now, but things are about to get messy.
The burger, like all the other burgers here, were a little bit on the expensive side but you do get your money's worth in it's incredible taste.  The burger is centered with a tender and crispy fried chicken which bursts with great fragrance and flavour on every bite.  On top of it was a slice of cheese which looked scrumptious and two slices of bacon; and below was a serving of crisp, fresh lettuce.  What brings all these ingredients together were the ranch sauce and the secret Triple O sauce which had a light-barbecue-resque flavour, cushioned by two lightly grilled buns which were soft and fluffy but not brittle.

Just look at the cheese...INCREDIBLE
The Sweet potato fries were quite unique and the chipotle sauce that came with it had a mixed flavour that was terrifically messy.  It had a thick, jalapeno spice flavour that is quite hard to describe with words; all I know is that, Mark, who ordered normal fries that did not come with the sauce kept stealing dips out of mine and so did another friend we went there with.  That right there is prove of the sauce's power.  However, the fries alone were not too impressive and there are certainly better sweet potato fries out there. 

The highlight here is really the chipotle sauce
Last of all, the chocolate milkshake was really nothing special despite the decent quality of the ice-cream used.  Considering the heavy price tag of $7.50 and its average size, it may be better to stick with the standard soft drink. 

Pretty standard milkshake its thick but not especially so.
There's really not much to say here except to reiterate that the burgers here are simply delicious.  Although the fries and milkshake are mediocre at best, the stars of the show here are the burgers anyways.  So do yourself a favor and give it a shot if you're getting tired of the same old burgers from fast food places.  I strongly recommend this place to all foodies and burger lovers, you won't regret it.

Quality & Taste(75%)
Seriously, go try it. It’s really quite good.
Value (15%)
A bit on the expensive side. Burger was well worth the cost but the sides not so much.
Ambience & others (10%)
Calm and enjoyable atmosphere that’s good for really enjoying your meal.
Really good burger.  An underdog deserving of your attention.

-Orchard Towers, #01-29C
(Mon-Thurs & Sun 1130-2300 Fri-Sat & Eve of Public Holidays 1130-0200)

 Also available:
-1 Vista Exchange Green, Star Vista Mall, #01-22, 400 Orchard Road
(Mon-Sun: 1000-2130)
 -Asia Square Tower, 8 Marina View, #02-14
(Mon-Fri 0800-2100)

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