Monday, May 19, 2014

Crosta Pizza: a great alternative to the typical hut

So I recently received a brochure in my mailbox and seeing that it was for a recently opened pizza shop and that it claimed to be Authentic Wood Fired Pizza, I immediately jumped at the opportunity of making another blog post.

So, I ordered my pizza and was informed of a one and a half hour wait due to bad weather which I gladly accepted.  However, the delivery actually exceeded the estimated time by a whole hour.  I had even called twice to check on the status and both times had to call back again to confirm despite the store promising to check with their driver and get back to me.  This was quite an infuriating experience and was only made worse by the fact that the pizza arrived dead cold.  I will not factor in their punctuality for the review (Anyways I put the pizzas in my oven to heat them up again). However, I would like readers to take note of this occurrence in case they need an order urgently.  Hopefully, this was only a one time mishap on their part and that their punctuality can improve or prove to be decent.  

[On that note, if you do try to order from them and end up with a punctual or late service, do share in the comments below so that we can all have a better judgement of their service. :) ]  

Quality and Taste:
I ordered two pizzas with their opening 1 for 1 special.  

My first choice was their signature, La Crosta Pizza which came garnished with very fresh and sticky mozzarella, crunchy and juicy tomato slices, fluffy ricotta cheese and deliciously slimy and smoky fried eggplants.  

Simple box design feels just right

In case I'm being too subtle, the ingredients used are top notch. They are fresh and very tasteful.  These are brought together by a mild tomato based sauce and a wonderfully light crust.  Here, a good amount of effort is clearly put into kneading the dough as the thickness of the pizza remains relatively even throughout and its texture is both resilient yet also softly crunchy to the bite.  An unmistakable smoky aroma also imposes itself with each bite and taking a slight whiff of the pizza quickly testifies its origins as Authentically Wood Fire baked

A good spread of fresh ingredients
Fluffy and creamy cheese!
The other pizza I had ordered was their Naples Pizza which essentially is a traditional anchovies pizza.  Quite a few people I know seem to hate anchovy pizzas for their overly salty and strong, (some might call pungent?) flavor.  I for one really like them and crave to find that perfect anchovy pizza. 
Whole anchovies for whole goodness

Here again, the ingredients used by Crosta Pizza were of very good quality.  However, this specific pizza scores slightly lower than their La Crosta Pizza as even someone who enjoy anchovy pizzas for their strong flavor, found this Crosta Pizza's variation to be a little too salty.  The overall seasonings and toppings were quite well balanced, with a good blend of capers, olives and olive oil, but a little more tomato sauce and garlic and slightly less olive oil might have helped to tone down the overly strong flavor of the pizza.

Overall though, it is still a great tasting pizza which anchovy lovers will want to try. 

The value here is quite good. Crosta Pizza charges a standard 22 dollars for all their pizzas which is just slightly lower than some of its closer competitors like "Spizza".  However, taking into consideration that mediocre, big brand name pizzas charge around the same price for electric oven pizzas and you will realize that the value here is actually quite good.  The use of high quality ingredients and cheese also help to justify the asking price. 

There is a 5 dollar delivery charge for orders below 50 dollars. I find this quite acceptable. 

Crosta Pizza is a welcome addition to the Traditional Wood Fired Pizza scene in Singapore.  This is a style of pizza that deserves more attention in the deliver to your doorstep pizza scene and Crosta Pizza's use of quality ingredients does justice to traditional, real Italian pizzas. 

If you consider yourself a pizza lover or are sick and tired of the same old mediocre chain stores serving standardized recipe pizzas, you will surely enjoy one of Crota Pizza's pizzas. Bon Appetit!

Quality & Taste(80%)
No doubt that this is traditional pizza. Quality ingredients and a bona fide wood oven makes for great pizza.
Value (20%)
value is definitely above average
Ambience & others (0%)

A welcome entry to the Traditional Pizza scene

Delivery Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri 1130 to 1430 & 1800 to 2230
Sat-Sun & Holidays: 1130 to 2230

Number: 62955505


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