Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wing Stop @ Bedok Mall: A worthy stop in anyones fast food journey

Bedok Mall has been semi-open for a while now and in it hosts a variety of delectable eateries.  Some are established and some are newly opened franchises I'm eager to try all of them.  On the menu today is Wing Stop, a popular franchise from the states that has just started its first outlet in Singapore. 

There isn't much to say here about the ambience.  Wing Stop's design is typically fast food place like and as expected, it has a well maintained and clean image.  The place is rather small though be prepared for a long wait for seats on busy days or opt for take-away instead.  

Simple fast food styled furniture
Decent lighting and wooden theme

Quality and Taste:
Wing Stop serves fresh, made to order (you guessed it) chicken wings that come in both boned and boneless variations. There is quite a wide variety of marinates to choose from and as far as I've experienced, most are quite good. 

You gotta wait for good food!
Wait over, time to eat.

I tried 2 different marinates that day:
Original and Garlic Parmesan 

The chicken served were extremely tender and chock full of natural juiciness.  There isn't too much oil used which but rest assured, the wings are indeed properly fried for drool inducing purposes. They were also served pipping hot for maximum goodness although allowing it to sit for awhile will allow for a more collected flavour due to the numbing effect when there's too much heat on our palates. 

So hot there's mist on my camera
Natural oils and juices~
Smells and tastes great
The original marinate is your bona fide buffalo wing, carrying a lightly spicy-sour taste with a hint of buttery goodness.  The spiciness here shouldn't be too much of a kick for most Singaporeans but the lingering sweetness will likely be enjoyed by most. 

The Garlic Parmesan rub was especially fragrant.  The mix of the cheese and crispy chicken skin was irresistibly appetizing and the garlic helped to add a subtle zing to the food.  If you are not adversed to garlic or Parmesan cheese, I would highly recommend this marinate. 

The set I ordered also came with a potato salad which was better than average but not any better than that.  It was fresh and was seasoned with some spices and herbs but still lacked the punch to make it stand out amongst the potato salads I've had at other places.   

Looks a little messy
I spent a total of $10.95 for 6 wings that came with a ranch sauce dip (which was pretty standard) , a large potato salad and an iced tea drink. Some might say that this is overpriced but I disagree.  In terms fullness alone I can safely said that I left with a sufficiently filled stomach and although some might consider 6 wings (the mid joint and drumlet are considered 1 wing each) too little for an ala carte price of around  1.20, the marinate they use and the freshness of the wing do help to justify its value a little.  Whilst Wing Stop wont win any super savings awards, its pricing is still quite satisfactory.

Overall, Wing Stop is a great fast food joint serving specializing in something that most other fast food places do not have in Singapore.  Whilst the likes of KFC, Popeyes and Texas Chicken serve up heavy meals of big chicken cuts which are cooked in bulk, Wing Stop offers a more personal serving of fresh, made to order wings with a good variety of marinate choices that is overall more snack like than feeling like a full meal.  It can be filling though.  Just go for the set with six wings and more with a side.  

I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a quick bite, loves chicken wings or simply want something different from their fast food experience.

Quality, Taste and Presentation (75%)
Great wings with a variety of equally great marinates
Value (15%)
Decent value
Ambience & others (10%)
Ambience is standard as with most Fast Food places
7.2Good addition to the fast food scene

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