Monday, September 7, 2015

Sophisca: Eye Candy, Candy

The nice folks at Sophisca recently invited us for a casual bloggers event and I owe them an informal apology, because by recent I mean more than month ago and although I have no obligation to post anything from the event, I had decided on accepting the invitation to at least write-up a short post as a form of thanks. So, sorry Sophisca! 

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s move on to the actual post.

The blogger party was pretty simple. They locked up the store entrance for about an hour, letting in only invited bloggers and essentially just provided free candy and chocolates for us while we mingled and such. No strings attached, no forced reviews, no please try this or that. I quite liked how they arranged the event but hosting was almost too minimal. That doesn’t matter much though since I was more so concerned with checking out what they sell, how much they were and how good they were then chit chatting with other attendees (I’m shy like that you see).

I was quite surprised with the contents of their store. Initial impressions were not the best, but that’s mainly attributed to my personal biases. I don’t exactly like things which I consider overly a fad and amidst the delectable spread of colours that decorated the store and its display products, I convinced myself prematurely to assume that this too was a fad.

Me: Colors=fad
Reality: No!

My ignorant opinion turned out to be greatly mistaken. Whilst the stores items does feature a slight 
mark-up paired with vibrant packaging, they were not at all of low quality or unfairly priced to the manner in which many actual fads are. Generally speaking, from what I tried, most of their chocolates and sweets are better than those sold conveniently on supermarket shelves. They seemed to taste a bit lighter but delicate would be a better description. 

Bride & Groom marshmallows

They are priced similarly too, albeit with a slight mark-up as previously mentioned. This in a way, is justified in the beautiful, unique and often quirky packaging treatment that each of their confectionery delights receive. These candies are for both tongue and eye. They make great gifts for many friends and events, considering the wide variety of packaging design niches and reasonable price tags that spell sufficiently sincere but not too overbearing.

Its hard candy ;)


These contain fruit gummies

Overall, Sophisca’s products appear to me at least to be of decent value and taste. I will not be rating them since this is not a formal review, however I do believe a bag of sweets from Sophisca will likely put a smile on the receivers face. 

ION Orchard #b4-07

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